Lip Enhancement

Lip Enhancement

Lip enhancement is a popular procedure for patients seeking more volume in their lips. Some patients may have been born with naturally small lips. Enhancing lip volume can provide the plumpness  they have always desired.

Others may have lost volume as part of the natural ageing process. For these patients, adding fullness can restore a youthful appearance.

A lip enhancement treatment is tailored to the patients desires. Adding filler to the border between the skin and the red part of the lips adds definition. Adding filler to the red parts of the lips adds volume. Sometimes a combination of techniques can be used.

Many patients are satisfied with their results after the use of 1ml of filler. Additional volume can be achieved by using an extra 1ml.

Lip Rejuvenation

With natural ageing, the lips can become thinner and lose definition. As this occurs, the lips may look small or deflated. Some patients complain of the lips appearing too thin and stretched, especially when they smile. Sometimes, lines can occur with time and result in “bleeding” of lipstick.

A lip rejuvenation treatment aims to reduce lip lines and restore both definition and lost volume. Lip lines are diminished by adding the filler into the lines. Lip definition is improved by injecting the filler into the lip border where the skin meets the red parts of the lips as well as the corners of the lips.  Using filler in these areas provides a subtle volume enhancement. Additional lip volume is achieved by adding filler to the red parts of the lips.
Many patients are satisfied with their result when 1 ml of filler is used. Additional volume can be obtained when 2mls is used.

Permanent Lip Enhancement/Rejuvenation

Permanent lip enhancement or rejuvenation can be achieved with the permanent filler.

The Permanent Filler is a gel which is permanent, biocompatible and non-toxic. In addition, it does not migrate from the injection site.

The permanent filler has a very soft, natural feel and appearance. Immediate results can be provided on a walk in – walk out basis, although some temporary swelling or bruising can occur.

Many patients are satisfied with their result when 1 ml of permanent filler is used. Additional lip volume can be obtained when 2mls is used.



 Lip enhancement   “kissable lips”                              1ml dermal filler                        $480

 Lip rejuvenation                                                            1ml dermal filler                        $480

 Permanent  Lip enhancement/rejuvenation           1ml Permanent Filler                 $1190


Book in your initial consultation and explore the possibilities.
Here is what you can expect from your first consultation.

Step 1: Meeting with Dr Szalay
In your initial consultation, we will first discuss how you would like to improve your lips. This is carried out in a warm and professional environment to make you as comfortable as possible.

Step 2: Dr Szalay assesses your face and explores feasibility
Dr Szalay will examine your lips to and work out a treatment plan to help you achieve your goals.

Step 3: Dr Szalay explains the procedure
It is important that you are well informed about the procedure, which is why Dr Szalay takes this time to explain how it works and answer any of your questions.


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