Eyelid Surgery Case Studies

Case 1Eyelid 1 Upper and lower eyelid

Liz said her eyes felt heavy and noticed that her friends would often ask her if she was tired, when in fact she wasn’t. She also didn’t like the bags under her eyes, which were more noticeable on the left. Dr Szalay recommended upper and lower eyelid surgery.

During upper eyelid surgery, often just some excess skin and a thin strip of loose muscle is removed. With the lower eyelids, the bags are caused by  a combination of loose fat and excess skin. The fat is removed during surgery whilst the skin is tightened with fractional C02 laser.

The post-operative photos were taken at 3 months and the Liz was delighted with her result.

Case 2

Trish was concerned with the bags of her lower eyelids and the heaviness of her upper eyelids. She also said that her upper lids sometimes hung down and interfered with her vision, especially at the end of the day or when she was tired.

Dr Szalay recommended upper and lower eyelid surgery. With the lower lids, a very fine incision is made on the inside of the lids so that it heals up without leaving a scar. After the lower lid fat is removed, the excess skin is tightened with the use of a laser. The advantage of a laser is that it can predictably and safely tighten the lower lid skin.

Trish’s  “after” photos were taken at 3 months and she was very happy with her new, refreshed appearance.

Case 3

Eyelid 4 Upper eyelid

Linda was concerned by the hooded appearance of her upper eyelids and also complained that they sometimes obscured her vision, especially if she was tired. Dr Szalay recommended upper eyelid surgery.

The incision for this is made in the upper lid crease and is mostly hidden in the upper lid. Usually it is recommended to have 10 days away from work to recover from upper lid surgery because of the possibility of swelling and bruising. Ice packs can be very helpful in the first 72 hours.

Linda’s post-operative photos were taken at 3 months and she was delighted that the heaviness had been lifted from her eyes.

Case 4

Eyelid 5 Lower eyelid

Donna was concerned by the bags and wrinkling of her lower eyelids. She was planning to go on an extended overseas trip and she wanted to  look refreshed prior to leaving. Dr Szalay recommended lower eyelid surgery to remove the bags combined with laser to tighten the skin.

Following lower eyelid surgery it is recommended to take 2 weeks off work due to possible swelling and bruising. During this time it is recommended to rest the eyes: avoiding television, bright light and computers. Time to listen to some peaceful music!

Donna was thrilled with her rejuvenated look.

Case 5

Michelle was concerned by heaviness of her upper eyelids which also interfered with her vision sometimes. During the consultation, Dr Szalay noticed that Michelle’s eyebrows were sitting lower than normal and this was contributing to her problem, especially by causing some sagging of the outer part of her lids.

If Michelle just had upper lid surgery, there would still be some loose skin at the outer corner of her eyes. Accordingly, a browlift was recommended in addition to upper eyelid surgery.

Michelle was very happy with the results of her procedure.

Results can vary among individuals. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner