Lift-Plus Face Case Studies

Case 1

Kaye was a 38 year old woman who was seeking a rejuvenation of her face. She felt energetic in herself but she felt that her face was beginning to look tired.

Dr Szalay spent time with Kaye during the consultation and after listening to her concerns suggested some procedures that could improve some of the areas of her face that bothered Kaye. He felt that the Kaye’s jawline and neck had lost some definition and this could be improved by a combination of liposuction of the neck and jawline as well as the Lift-Plus of the neck and jowls.

Further improvement to Kaye’s profile could be obtained with a chin implant which would add projection to her chin as well as further tightening her neck.

Finally, enhancement of Kaye’s cheeks could be obtained with a fat transfer to her cheeks, restoring more youthful, fuller and higher cheeks.

Kaye was delighted with the end result.

Case 2

Facelift 3 Lift Plus Neck, Jowls and Midface

Betty was a lively 74 year old woman who led an active life, walked regularly, had several hobbies and was very social. She just wanted to look as good as she felt. Dr Szalay thought Betty would be a good candidate for the Lift-Plus as it is less invasive than a full facelift, but equally effective.

He felt that Betty would benefit from tightening of the neck and jowls as well as the midface. When patients have loose skin in both the upper and lower face, it is important to  treat the midface in addition to the jowls in order to achieve a smooth and blended result.

An advantage of the Lift-Plus is that it avoids the “pulled “look which can sometimes happen with standard facelifts, especially when elderly patients are operated on. The Lift-Plus avoids a pulled look by using multiple sutures which distribute the lift gently and evenly.

Betty’s “after”photo was taken 4 weeks following her procedure and she was elated with her result.

Case 3

Gail was a 54 year old woman was seeking improvement of the lines on her cheeks. During the consultation Dr Szalay noted that the lines extended from the jowl area to the midface area so he recommended that a Lift-Plus of the jowls as well as the midface be performed.

Gail had a lightly built face with mobile tissues and responded well to the lifting effect of the Lift-Plus. In addition to smoothing out the lines on her cheeks, she also achieved signicant softening of the folds between her nose and mouth (nasolabial folds) as well as the folds at the corners of her mouth (melolabial folds).

The Lift-Plus uses multiple sutures to lift and support the  deep tissue and skin. Gail was very happy with the improvement in the wrinkles on her face that she was able to achieve with the Lift-Plus.

Case 4

Facelift 2 Lift Plus Neck and Jowls 2

Mary was a 63 year old woman had received a facelift 15 years earlier and wished to improve her jowls (jawline) and upper neck. She did not wish to undergo another full facelift and was seeking a procedure which was less invasive.

Dr Szalay felt that Mary would be a good candidate for the Lift-Plus of the jowls and neck. During the consultation, he noted that the loose tissue around Mary’s  neck did not contain excess fat so liposuction would not be necessary.

A major advantage of the Lift-Plus over conventional facelifts is that there is much less undermining of the skin during the procedure. This preserves the blood supply, resulting in safer and healthier healing of the skin.

Mary was pleased with the improvement to her jawline and upper neck.

Case 5

Lisa was a 45 year old woman was seeking a more youthful, slender neck and jawline. Dr Szalay carefully examined Lisa during the consultation and could feel some thickened fat tissue in the neck as well as in her face. He also noticed that Lisa’s cheeks were slightly low and had actually lost some volume.

He advised the Lisa that sometimes in patients with fuller faces, redistributing the fat in the face and neck can be just as important as tightening the tissues. By itself, however, volume redistribution was likely to result in some loose tissue so the ideal solution would be to combine volume redistribution with the Lift-Plus.

During Lisa’s procedure, Dr Szalay carefully sculpted fat away from her central face, neck and jawline and transferred this fat to Lisa’s upper cheek. Loose tissue was then tightened with the Lift-Plus of the neck and jowls. Yes, the before and after photos are the same person!  (although Lisa also lost some weight prior to the “after” photo).

Results can vary among individuals. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner