Browlift Case Studies

Case 1

browlift 1

Deborah was concerned by loose skin at the outer part of her eyes. Deborah’s eyebrows were almost imperceptible but during his assessment, Dr Szalay noticed the sagging of the tissue at the corner of the eyes and recommended a browlift.

Notice how the post-operative photograph shows that the skin at the outer part of her eyes has been lifted.

Case 2

browlift 3

Amanda was concerned by some excess skin of her upper eyelids and wanted to look more refreshed. During a careful assessment, Dr Szalay noticed that the problem was not excess eyelid skin but instead that her brow had dropped.

Accordingly, he recommended a browlift. Afterwards, the brow is sitting in a more aesthetically pleasing position and her upper lid appears rejuvenated.

Case 3

browlift 2

Nancy was concerned by loose skin and wrinkling at the corner of her eye. Dr Szalay recommended a browlift.

Normally, it is  recommended to take 7 to 10 days off work to recover from a browlift as sometimes swelling and bruising can occur.

Case 4

browlift 4

Kelly was seeking an alteration in the shape of her eyebrows in order to give them a more desirable contour on the outer part.

For this procedure, Dr Szalay carefully used sutures placed in precise locations to create an attractive arch.

Case 5

browlift 5
Cynthia was concerned by her overhanging eyelids which often interfered with her vision. Usually, a patient with this degree of overhang would require a browlift combined with eyelid surgery.

After a detailed assessment by Dr Szalay however, he determined that a browlift alone would provide the required result.

Cynthia was thrilled with her result. Results can vary among individuals. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner