Liposuction Case Studies

Case 1

Lipoosuction 5Abdomen

Kimberly was a 40 year old woman  who had tried unsuccessfully through diet and exercise to shift the excess weight on her abdomen.This is a common story with the patients who come in. There are some areas of the body where sometimes the only way to remove fat is with liposuction.

During the consultation, Dr Szalay observed that even though the lower belly was hanging, the skin quality of Kimberly was good. Also, Kimberly was at her ideal weight so she was a good candidate for tumescent liposuction. Often in patients with good skin quality, in addition to removing fat, liposuction can shrink the excess tissue as it did with Kimberly.

Kimberly was delighted that she could fit into clothes a couple of sizes smaller.

Case 2

Liposuction 1 Flanks Outer Thighs and Inner Thighs

Angela was a 38 year old woman was hoping to improve her waist (flanks), outer thighs and inner thighs. She was a fit woman who had tried exercising, but these areas just wouldn’t budge.

Dr Szalay has found that these areas usually won’t improve with diet and exercise but do respond very well to tumescent liposuction. During the consultation he explained that whilst the result in the flanks would be apparent within a week, the final result on the inner and outer thighs would occur at about 3 months. The reason for this is that the swelling takes longer in these areas to settle.

The “After” photo was taken 3 months following the procedure and Angela was very happy that she could fit into smaller jeans and that her thighs no longer rubbed together when she was walking.

Case 3

Liposuction 2 Flanks and Outer Thighs

Heather was a 36 year old woman with persistent bulges around her waist and outer thighs that bothered her. She enjoyed going to the beach with her family and was hoping to be able to wear a bikini without feeling self conscious.

The flanks and outer thighs are 2 of the most common areas that Dr Szalay performs liposuction on and because the skin is firm in these locations, they typically respond well to treatment.

The final result shows a restoration of a more youthful, slender figure with more feminine harmony and proportion. Heather was happy that she had her bikini body back again.

Case 4

Liposuction 4 Abdomen, Flanks Outer Thighs and Inner Thighs

Samantha was a 21 year old girl who was troubled by her abdomen, waist and thighs and was really hoping to improve these areas so she could feel more confident wearing slim fitting clothing. Sometimes when multiple areas are performed, for the purpose of safety, it is best to do the procedure over 2 sessions.

Following this procedure Samantha said her self confidence had increased and she felt motivated to exercise more as well as be more careful with her diet. Liposuction can be a psychological boost to a patient and act as a trigger for them to change their lifestyle. Dr Szalay finds it particularly gratifying operating on patients such as these.

Case 5

Liposuction 12 Flanks

Nicole was a 42 year old woman  who was concerned by her inner and outer thighs. It bothered her that her thighs rubbed when walking and she didn’t like her “saddle-bags” (outer thighs) when wearing jeans.

Nicole felt that her thighs were disproportionately large when compared to her bust. Following the procedure, smooth feminine curves have been restored and Nicole was satisfied that her body felt in balance again.

Results can vary among individuals. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner